For the Love of Chocolate

26 June 2017 For the Love of Chocolate

Chocolate has the ability to captivate like no other food. A simple, smooth and silky piece of milk chocolate is a delight of indulgence for your tongue. The sweet satisfaction of a mouth-watering morsel melting in your mouth is the cure for your cocoa cravings. The creamy, comfort of chocolate is the best gift for the discerning tastes of chocoholics the world over. No matter what the occasion, make chocolate your gift giving, go-to. After all, everyone deserves a taste of the finer things in life, and is there anything finer and more delicious than chocolate?

The Yummiest Chocolate Gift Pack for Chocoholics

Gift giving can be a difficult undertaking and it’s not just reserved for Christmas and birthdays anymore. You’ve been invited to dinner at your boss’ house? It’s best that you don’t arrive empty handed. Spending some time with your in-laws? Gift giving is a great way to butter everybody up. Looking for a creative way to say “thank-you”? A gift is the way to go. Whatever the occasion, a personally picked present will warm anyone’s heart.

But what is best to bestow when you want your gift to leave a lasting impression on the receiver? If the one you’re hoping to impress is a chocoholic (and, who isn’t), we’ve created a titillating trifecta of tempting treats. Our Triple Chocolate Dessert Pack is the perfect gift for chocoholics.

A Cure for Cocoa Cravings: The Ultimate Gift for Chocoholics

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food. We created our Trip Chocolate Dessert Pack to delight everyone’s sweet tooth. Our gift pack includes the rich chocolatey flavours of  ChocFusion Pudding, the indulgent richness of The Proper Dessert Co’s Spoonable Chocolate, and lusciousness of Flavour Fusion’s Chocolate Dessert Pouring Sauce.

Our delectable trio of tantalising tastes are the perfect pairing for pleasing desserts. Try ChocFusion Pudding with double cream or ice cream. Include The Proper Dessert Co’s Spoonable Chocolate as a delightful dipping sauce for a fresh fruit platter. Flavour Fusions Chocolate Dessert Pouring Sauce adds a splash of indulgence to ice cream, cakes, trifles or a delicious dessert decoction.

Tantalise Your Tastebuds Today

Perhaps the best thing about our Triple Chocolate Dessert pack is that it makes the perfect gift for you too. Indulge your love of chocolate today & order your own Chocolate Dessert Pack. You don’t have to share. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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“Caramelised Balsamic with Raspberry and Vanilla just bowled me over – very sinful and a sheer delight. Ever grateful to my niece who gave it to me as a present… buying more and trying the mouth-watering others in the range, big thanks!”

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