Dukkah Dipper Pack

Dukkah Dipper Pack

This pack contains:

Hill & River Chilli & Garlic Salad Oil  - 185ml
The balanced flavour of chilli and garlic in this oil offers many options for creating fantastic meals. Drizzle over bruschetta, barbecued meats or salad greens and feta cheese. Marinade seafood before cooking or add to your pan before stir frying. Use as your dipping oil with Dukkah.

Hill & River No. 55 Egyptian Dukkah  - 150g
No 55 makes pre dinner nibbles easy. Serve with oil and sourdough or carrot sticks. Sam mixes through his meatball mixture before cooking. Mix with breadcrumbs and crumb your chicken before pan frying. Meals come alive with No 55. 

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