Simply Stirred Pantry Pack (aioli)

Simply Stirred Pantry Pack (aioli)

This pack contains:

Simply Stirred Mango Chilli and Coriander Dressing - 250ml
The luscious flavour of summer mango combined with a hint of chilli and coriander combines to make this the perfect dressing or dipping sauce.

Simply Stirred Lemongrass Lime & Chilli Marinade or Stir Fry - 250ml
Capture the exotic flavours of Asia with this delightful blend of limes, lemongrass and a hint of chilli. A sensationally refreshing marinade with fish, chicken or seafood.

Simply Stirred Mayonnaise (Roasted Garlic Aioli) - 240g
A creamy mayonnaise with garlic pieces, this is the perfect alternative to sour cream for hot spicy wedges or chips.

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