Something a Little Different - Pantry Pack

Something a Little Different - Pantry Pack

This pack contains:

Simply Stirred Caramelised white Balsamic Dressing with Passionfruit & Chilli Dressing - 250ml
Savour the soft, gentle flavour of white balsamic vinegar caramelised into a rich, sweet dressing. The addition of chilli and passionfruit makes it perfect as a fresh and lively salad dressing or as a drizzle over greens.

Simply Stirred Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime and Chilli Mayonnaise - 240g
An asian burst of flavours that add a zesty lime touch to your food.

Simply Stirred Beetroot and Pear Chutney - 270g
Great addition to salad or cheese plate with the perfect flavour balance between beetroot and pear.

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