Triple Chocolate Dessert Pack

Triple Chocolate Dessert Pack

A Chocoholic's delight! 

This pack contains:

ChocFusion Pudding - 500g
A smooth, rich chocolate pudding which blends cocoa, chocolate, fruit and liqueur flavours to form a mouth watering dessert. Serve with double cream or ice cream and top with fresh berries, fruits or a dessert sauce.

The Proper Dessert Co Spoonable Chocolate - 275g
Indulge your taste buds with this sweet glossy chocolate. This delight will turn treats into luxurious desserts. Think, rich and full of additive flavour. Use this delightful chocolate with a fruit platter as a dipping sauce, spread onto a biscuit base and there's your chocolate slice.

Flavour Fusions Chocolate Dessert Pouring Sauce - 250ml
Designed to pour over luscious desserts. Adds a burst of flavour to ice cream, fruit, cake or trifles for that zing of something special. Flavour Fusions sauces can be heated gently or poured straight from the bottle.

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